Weather is a fascinating subject. It is such an intricate and amazing process, which our mother earth goes through on a daily basis. All over the world, weather seems to be a very important aspect for our everyday lives. Changes in weather conditions had a great influence on our lives even many years ago. People lived and worked according to the nature. However, nowadays everything is a bit different: we work and study in modern buildings, travel in closed means off transport and so on. Weather forecasts are useful only because we can find out what clothes to wear, should we take and umbrella or on, how and when to plan summer holidays. Moreover, weather plays an important role in creating person’s and even nation’s character.
As you probably know, people of North for example Canada, Norway, swedish, countries are reserved, slow and quite persons as they live in a zone of harsh climate. On the other hand, people who live inn Southern part of the Earth, for instance, black men, are very outgoing, cheerful and always smiling. It’s because they feel warm sunshine everyday.
Lithuanians are quite closed, self-centred, depressive persons. That depends on our climate as well. We have al

lmost 8 months of dark, windy, rainy, sometimes even pouring and thundering, period. Moreover, Lithuania is near the Baltic Sea, so a warm air-blasts coming from sea keeps the weather a bit warmer in winter and cooler in summer. During the last few years, our weather conditions were especially changeable. Winters are not so cold and the amount of snow is not as big as it was before 50 years. Those changes are caused by the greenhouse effect. Many experts agree that it is the most pressing problem nowadays. As we probably know atmosphere is getting warmer and in the past 80 years average temperature has increased by half of one degree Celsius and it is not the end. In addition to this inn future sea level would rise and a lot of regions would be flooded because the ice pieces in the Polar Regions would break off, float away and melt.

Summer is the season of the year. Maybe it’s because the trees are green and the gardens are full of flowers. However, summer sun fills peoples with energy, because we get vitamin D and serotonin which also increase people’s mood. So it is obvious that summer is a time of holiday and a
period of entertainment. What is more I’d love to live in Southern countries of Europe, such as Italy or Spain and to be always happy and smiling person.

Autumn is the season that people dislike most. It is because of its weather as it is the most melancholy season of the year. The weather often changes, and it gets colder and colder. Such weather makes people feel sleepy and even depressive as well. Even I don’t have any energy not only for studies, but for entertaining as well. On the other hand autumn is harvesting time, the time when grain, fruit and vegetables become ripe with all these products we get a lot of vitamins and we can still have a bit energy.
All in all, we have to adapt to the climate of the area where we live, to the weather of every season no matter how hot or cold it is. In my opinion every season is indispensable to realize how much better the other seasons of the year.are

• What has been done to produce this warmer climate? – burning fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil), cutting down trees faster than they can are replaced, using of aerosol sprays, (COOLANTS in fr


Intricate – painus, sudetingas
Harsh – grubus, siurkstus
Dull – nuobodus
Chilly – saltokos, vesios
Harvesting – darliaus nuemimo metas
Ripe – prinokes, subrendes
Sleet – slapdriba
Indispensable – butinas
Thundering- perkuninis, griausmingas.
Coolant – ausinimo skystis.

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