Wealth does not bring happiness. True or false?

Nowadays many people desire wealth and a good social position, which also can be a key to a wealthy life. But can wealthy life be identified with a happy life? Is there any reason to think that wealth can bring happiness? Although some people doubt if wealth can bring happiness, it has certain advantages. To begin with, rich people can afford many material things. They can improve their mode of life. Rich people usually have good and comfortable places of residence, cars. Furthermore, being rich gives more opportunities. Rich people can enjoy a lot of things. They can visit various countries, eat at restaurants and make a lot of other pleasant things. However, being rich has its disadvantages. Rich people usually feel unsafe. This sense can be very harmful for a person. As a result, a lot of people, especially youth, take drugs and stimulants. In addition, rich people are surrended by a lot of people, who try to make a material or other use from the rich person. All things considered, although there are some advantages of being rich, I believe that wealth can not bring happiness. Ther are more important values, which make people happy: health, love, good friends. I prefer these values to wealth.