Water Sports

Our planet consist 79% of water. But water sports are not so popular as other sports. Why? In my opinion there are several reasons: it is a seasonal sport and also quite expensive. Of course, you can swim in any lake or river if you want and that would cost nothing to you.
I want to mention that water sports means a lot to me. I think that it is a very good way to spend your leisure time and to recreate yourself. There are types of water sports that fits for the whole family like canoing or yachting. Moreover, it’s a good chance to spend time with your family or friends and to have a good time together. But on the other hand there are some water sports like surfing or rafting that are extremely dangerous for your health. So you have to be very carefull and specially trained if you don’t want to be hurt.
Speaking about myself I tried several water sports. 2 years ago I was in Moletai. I had a chance to windsurf in Bebrusai lake. I don’t even knew how to do it but after 2 days practising I could stand on a board for 10 seconds, because at first only when I step on the board I fell down to the water. But that feeling when I catched the wind and surfed for 10 seconds was the most thrilling expierence in my life. I could windsurf just to one direction – forward. So my friends had to boat to me and drag me to the shore.
Last summer I travelled with canoes with my family and my parents friends. We canoed 30 kilometers down the Zeimena river. I had never tried to canoe so it was pleasure to relax in nature and expierence something new. We had a great time. But the next time I wouldn’t go for such a trip. Because I want to try something more challenging. Calm river doesn’t atract me anymore. I heard of a river named Ula. This river is recommended for people who has expierence in canoing and like thrilling and dangerous challenges. Maybe I’ll try to canoe this river next summer.
There are water sports that I hadn’t a chance to try. I want to race with water bike. It is called scooter. Wind and water conditions doesn’t matter here. This sport is ideal for those with the need for speed. But it’s very expensive: 5 minutes cost 50 litai in Palanga. Also I want to learn to windsurf to stand on a board tight and so on.
In the conclusion I want tell that water sports are becoming more popular in Lithuania. We have good athletes that can compete with other players of the whole world. Futhermore, people interest in water sports are growing rapidly because it is a great and exciting way of spending time.