In today’s fast-moving world shopping became an essential part of people daily routines. There are people who just love to shop in supermarkets. As for me, I just want to buy what I need with the minimum amount of time and fuss.
The popularity of supermarkets increases rapidly. Recently there were two new supermarkets opened in Kaunas. They attract customers with an amazing discounts and lowest prices but I prefer small shops. On the over hand, supermarkets has it’s own advantages. Fiirstly, they provide a wide variety of goods at low prices. Besides, they create jobs for a great number of people thus helping to reduce unemployment. In addition to this they are ideal for those shoppers who do not have time to visit more than one shop in order to do their weekly shopping.
On the other hand, small local shop offers certain benefits that supermarkets will never be able to offer their customers. Due to their size, small shops fit innto residential areas easily, making them more convenient and more accessible for people to reach. Moreover, there are no long line-ups near the cash desks in local small shops. Finally, supermarkets will never be able to beat your local shopkeeper wh

hen it comes to friendly service. When you regularly visit small shops you begin to know the salesperson and it is bigger pleasure to do the shopping in small shops.
It is just he beginning of shopping in Internet in Lithuania. You can easily order books and electronics goods from home. There is the largest Internet bookstore in USA. It is very similar to small shops, it knows what books you ordered, what book you like and can inform you of newest your favourite author’s book.
In the conclusion I would like to say that in nearly future people would do more shopping than now and they will have to choose between small shops or supermarkets. This should raise the competition beetween shops. Therefore, every store will try to win their customers by lowering the price and at the same time offering better services. And the customer will certainly be the winner in this ‘pricing war’.

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