Vanessa Mae

Vanessa-Mae, a young violinist of twenty-three, has taken the world by storm since she was sixteen, when her first _pop_ album : *The Violin Player*, was released. She is able to mesmerize audiences with her compositions and charismatic personality. Vanessa dresses to kill, but it_s her mastery of the violin which leaves listeners in awe. Born on October 27th, 1978, to a Thai father and Chinese mother, Vanessa spent her first three years of her childhood in Singapore where she was born. Thereafter, she went with her mother to London, where she is living now. Apart from the violin, where she took it up at five, she also learned to play the piano at three. Vanessa_s first performance was at age nine. She proceeded to do her master in harmony. She played with the Philharmonie Orchestra when she was ten. She also had three classical recordings under her belt by the time she was thirteen. Vanessa was fourteen when she started working on _The Violin Player_. The album ran up the charts in over twenty countries, shortly after its release. In 1996, she was nominated for the _Best Female Artist_ in the BRIT Awards, an award based in the UK. She is the first instrumentalist and classical musician to be nominated for this award, which is voted for being a mainstream pop award. Vanessa has indeed come a long way to be what she is today. To date, she has released a number of albums, which includes _The Original Four Seasons the most recent one. Vanessa has also taken her first attempt at singing in her Storm album. She also feels that _Storm_ has taken her career a step further because it is much more dynamic than earlier ones. In 1997, Hong Kong honoured Vanessa by inviting her to perform at the Hong Kong to China Re-unification Ceremony, making her the only non-native to do so. It also resulted in the release of another album _China Girl in an attempt to discover her Chinese roots ever since the passing of her grandfather when she was fifteen.

To her, the violin is like a voice with an incredible soaring ability, with incredible emotions. She regarded it as a pet with a cuddly and affectionate feeling when she was a child. The violin, now, however has grown from a pet to a partner in the music business. The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH) Team would like to thank you all for visiting this site during the year! Our aim in making this website is to make Vanessa and her music even more popular.Please note that we don_t have any _commercial interest_ by providing Vanessa-Mae Shockwave movie, images, sheet music, multimedia or other items.