unusual hobby

I would like to talk about unusual, extreme and very expensive hobby. This is canyoning. Canyoning – is the one of aquatic entertainment in the mountains. This is the great entertainment for extreme person, who like’s to be different. Usually they like to jump with parachutes, or to take a flying leap with rubber from very big height. Canyoning is the new invention of extreme sport. Its particularity is very simple: climbing the mountain and jumping from it into canyon, that lies beneath.In Lithuania, we can’t access this pleasure, because there aren’t canyons, and without them, this entertainment would be impossible. The common place of canyoning is the one of tiny resort on France and Italy frontier, on the highest Europe’s mountain. Canyoning is very expensive entertainment, but some people spend a lot of money for they hobby: they must to buy very expensive facility. Without this facility, people, who are jumping from 10 – 20 metres height mountain, can kill them self. But people, who want to feel this feeling of jump, risk of they life. Those, who have made this jump, have their faces shining and their eyes burning with the desire to sense this terrific jump again and again, when after your feet leave land, you still don’t know what lies beneath… Ardor and adrenalin – these are the major motives of canyoning enthusiasts.