TV and teenagers

TV is very popular free time spending in thole world, and there is no need to be surprised that statistics have shown that teenagers spend twice as much time in front of television that in the classroom. It is because there we can see various very interesting things, such as documentary films, witch shows us the life of wild animals, old civilizations, also there is the newa, whitch inform ua about the things, whitch are happenging all aruend the world, allso there is some talk shows, where we can hear interesting interviews. Hovewer our TV programs also have some backdrows;there are a lot of violence in TV films, even in cartoons. And violence has a very bad effect for viewers, sepecially for children and teenagers. They cant understand what is right or what is wrong and they start to copy everything what they see. So in my opinion there are more violence in our TV program, than good and nice thhings. And that is the role of television in my life? I think, that I’m not watching TV a lot, hovewer mostly I do it at weekends, when I have more free time. Usually I watch various films, and in th

he morning I watch documentary films about wild or sea animals life. So TV is good, but the world is changing quickly, and now more and more teenagers and children majority of theirs free time spend sitting by the computer, they play various games evev all night and day. That makes then feel very exhausted and reduces to some diseases. Hovewer thet can also be useful, because the person, who practicaly all his day spends sitting by the computer, gets quite good worknig with computer skills. And it’s very good for his future.
There are many ways how to spend our free time. I think, that we should try to spend it more variously, because only sitting in front of TV orr computer is not only boring, but also unhealthy.

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