trumpai apie Lietuvą


Lithuania is a small piece of land at the Baltic Sea in the geographical centre of Europe. On the map of Europe Lithuania can hardly catch your attention, because its area is only 65,000 sq. km. The borders of our country stretch for more than 1800 km. In the North it borders Latvia, in the East and in the South Belorussia, in the South – West Poland and the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation. The amber coastline with beautiful whitish beaches stretches for 99 km of the country’s West failor. The failor is decorated by Kuršiai spit dunes, Sudūva high-yielding fields, Dzūkija lakes, wide plains, melancholy forests, pine-trees on a sandy soil. You may observe a carpet of fields spotted with blue lakes, wrinkled hills and sites of ancient towns so sweet to everybody’s glance and heart. Hidden villages, small towns and cities cling close to rivers, lakes. The Eastern Aukštaitija is the land lovely created by nature. It’s the kingdom of lakes and woods. In Lithuania there are over 4,000 lakes, ponds and more than 700 rivers. The longest river is the Nemunas. It’s called the father of Lithuanian rivers. There are many songs about the Nemunas. The other longest river is the Neris. It has the right tributary called the Lietava. It is believed, that Lithuania got its name from this stream. It flows about 25 km from the little town of Kernavė, an important political centre of ancient Lithuania, in the eastern part of our republic. Lithuania was first mentioned in 1009. Vilnius is the capital and the largest city of our country. It was first mentioned as the capital in the letters of Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, in 1323. Vilnius is famous for its architectural monuments and its university, which was established in 1579. Lithuania was occupied by the Russians twice, but the country of nowadays is like the part of Western Europe. Lithuania looks better than other countries from Eastern Europe and the financial position of it is better too.

A lot of tourists, who find our republic themselves, want to know it better.