I like to spend my holidays when I’m travelling. There are various means of travel. We can travel by train, ship, air-plane, and finally we can travel on foot. For me there is no travel so fine as by aircraft. There are many things that make this travel fascination for me. We can see clouds , ocean or earth below you without any hindrance. I like it very much. On the air voyage you can feel how little you are in the globe or in the ocean. And of course this transport is very fast and useful . Besides the air voyage I like to travel by train, by bus of course in a good company. During the travel I forget all my problems, all my pain. Last year i got a trip with my family. In this trip I get immpresion more then ever before. It was really satisfaction. Besides all these means of transport people usually get their trip by ship in the sea . This trip is good for people who wants to have a great relax and to lose touch with civilization . They can see sunrising every morning and sunset every evening . I think this trip is for peoplo who love romance. There is another one way to travel. It is travelling by car. My dream is to get a trip by FERRARI CABRIO , in Texas canjons when the wind scatters your hair and my love is sitting near by me. I hope my dreams one day come true.