Well, in this short essay I will try to say all good and bad things about all kind of traveling. Of course, I will do it in short, because paper is expensive our days. First of all I will say what I think about walking. So, when you use your foot, of course then it is the cheapest way to get somewhere. But if that place is some 100 or more km. away, then everyone prefers a faster way of traveling. OK, I agree that traveling on foot is good for your health, but just imagine that you have to go to Kalvarija and return using only your foot – I do not think, that it will be very healthy for you. Anyway, everyone can try. Number TWO we have cycling. This is much better than walking, you can use your bike even for the long distances. It is also very healthy, like going on foot — anyway, when you drive a bike, your foot really do not think about holidays, I really mean it. But …. there are some minuses too. For example, you cannot go with your bike where only walking is allowed, for example, in any shop… THREE — we have a car now. So, it’s noisy, not good for nature, more dangerous. Also, it is fast, comfortable, easy to use (to compare with ship). It’s up to you to decide, pluses or minuses it has more. Now, ship and plane come. Well, you actually don’t use any of them to go shopping or to school. It’s very useful, of course, when you have to reach another continent, because usually it would be too wet to get there another way. Well, we have only trains and hitch-hiking left. I think, everybody has seen a real train, and everybody knows, how cheep it is when you spent money given by your parents somewhere else. So it’s no need to speak about train. And the last way of getting somewhere from somewhere is hitch-hiking. Of course, anyone can say that it is dangerous, but you really don’t need to go alone. It’s even more fun when you go together with your only-friend, girl-friend or boy-friend. So, how I think, it is the funniest way to travel.