Traveling holiday

People on our planet cannot live without travel now. Tourism has become a highly developed business. I had a traveling holiday with my parents when I was very young so I do not remember where we were traveling. I would like to have it. I would like to travel around the Lithuania. I would like to travel to Kernave or to Trakai because there are marvelous sights. Furthermore, I would like to visit Ignalina because there are beautiful lakes and forests. Also I would like to go by the sea but not to Palanga, Klaipeda or Nida. I would travel by car. This way of traveling is the most suitable way for those people who want to be independence from any travel agencies or guides, and want to make an itinerary by them. Traveling by car is very convenient, because you can change your traveling plans at any time, also, if you are tired, or want to go to the toilet, you can stop whatever you want. If you do not like driving car when you can chose travel by trains or buses. Traveling by train is good, because trains always run on time; furthermore, you can reserve a seat in a compartment where you can rest. With a train, you have speed, comfort and pleasure combined. You can sit comfortably in a train and watch a view of the whole countryside. If you are hungry, you can have a meal in a restaurant car. You can also meet and talk to lots of people. It is the cheapest way of traveling. If I had a foreign visitor fist of all I would show him a Gediminas Castle. Then I would show him the old town of Vilnius because it is very beautiful. Furthermore, we would visit ignalina, trakai castle, kernave, druskininkai, Klaipeda and palanga. I think that these cities are the sightliest cities in Lithuania. Traveling holiday around Lithuania is the best way to get more knowledge about our country and our traditional.