Everyone likes to have a holiday: to relax a bit, to forget his work and problems. It is not a secret that everyone has his own type of holiday. I could say that I am energetic person so I usually prefer active holydays. I always look forward to going somewhere else, forgetting all the troubles I have and experiencing new things around me. I like making new friends. I usually go by the lakes or to the forest. If I have opportunity, I go by the sea. Most of all I like paddling in the sea with cheerful friends. I usually spend my holidays with friends of mine. I do not work during my holidays because I think that teenager must enjoy his holidays doing interesting things. I have not much time to relax. I do not like lying on the beach or staying in one place. I think it is meaningless. Most of Lithuanian people enjoy their holidays laying on the beach and sunbathing. Teenagers prefer being with their friends. They usually have a walk in the city centre. If it is hot day, they go by the lakes. The elderly prefer going to their villages or staying at home. If I had to choose spend the time in the big cities seeing sights or visiting museums I would choose to go sightseeing because it is more interesting that go to the museum. But if I had an opportunity, I would spend my summer holidays somewhere in mountains because there is not hot and you can ski. Mountains are very cunning. I would climb to the top of the mountain and look down. I would admire glorious views and take photos. I would spend my time meaningfully. I think people should spend their holidays how they want and make a lot of fun during them.