Express your opinion on having a car. Is it a dream or a reality? What is the advantages and disadvantages (including environment) of having a car?
Everybody thinks about the car. Old or young people desire to have a car. I also would like to have a car. The only one problem is money. But I planning to earn some money for a car after two or three years. Some people think that automobile has improved modern life. Others think that automobile has caused serious problems. I agree with both arguments. Along with tremendous benefits that automobiles have bestowed upon us, they also pose a serious threat to people’s health and environment.
There are several arguments for having a car. In the pre-automobile days people travelled on horses and bullock carts for their leisure and business. The travelling time was very long. Today, the automobiles can run anywhere close to 200 miles per hour speed at their near maximum limit. If you have this vehicle you also have more freedom because you don’t depend on public transport and its timetable. Moreover, you can travel and go wherever you want and the cost will not be as expensive as travelling by plane, though there are some exceptions. What is more, for a middle class family the cost of having a car is cheaper than the cost of paying for every trip by public transport. Finally, if you have an emergency you can drive your car to solve your problem.
On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. One of the strongest arguments against having a car is the ecological problem that is caused by this transport. Most of the automobiles today use petroleum as their fuel. Petroleum when used as an automobile fuel emits lot of poisonous gases. Automobiles pose a serious threat to the environment by emitting air pollutants like carbon did oxide and carbon monoxide. The Air pollution poses serious threat to the ecology including human’s health. Researchers have directly related the cause of various cancers to the air pollution. Automobiles also make people lazy by providing them with an easy means to travel that involves no physical exercise. Although car companies try to produce high quality vehicles without too much risk of accidents, they cannot prevent accidents entirely. Furthermore, driving a car takes a lot of time and you have to obey the rules, and if there is a lot of traffic you must wait. Compared with planes and trains, this transport is the slowest.
To sum up, having a car is very important in our society, although all the families, which have more than one car, should think about using public transport. On balance, nowadays there are more people who have started to use gas oil (a product that can substitute petrol). Therefore the automobiles are the necessary evils to the society.