In this fast moving world it is difficult to imagine our life without a transport. The 1st success in transport history was made in 1783 when the French Montgolfier brothers launched the hot air balloon. Twenty years later (in 1803) in England the steam boat and steam train made their 1st trips. Nearly forty years later (in 1843) the 1st version of the modern bicycle was introduced and in 1903 the 1st successful aero plane flight was made by Wright brothers. In 1885 Karl Benz in nvented 3wheeler vehicle in Germany.
I think that the car is one of the most controversial inventions of the 20th century. Everybody gives quite reasonable arguments for and against having a car. Using a car is very convenient but at the same time they cause many traffic and pollution problems.
To begin with, there is a lot of traffic in the streets and you have to be very careful and concentrated when you drive. You have to be not only at ttentive, but to be aware of other inexperienced drivers as well. Furthermore, the growing number of cars in our cities causes traffic jams, especially during the rush hour. Because there more and more traffic jams the air is much polluted as

s cars use more petrol when they keep stopping and moving again. What is more, there are parking problems as some of drivers are careless and selfish. Also there are many traffic accidents because the drivers drive too fast and they don’t pay attention to the speed limits. Also traffic accidents happen when pedestrians forget about safety crossing the road. But people aren’t afraid of traffic accidents and they keep buying cars, because it is the fastest and the most comfortable way to get around. .
So is there anything we could do to decrease the traffic in the cities and to solve these numerous traffic problems? First of all, the fines to careless drivers, who do not obey the regulations an nd cause dangerous situations, should be bigger. In addition, the roads should be renewed using new technologies. Moreover, people should use public transport, as it would decrease the number of cars in the streets. Maybe they should try using other means of transport, for example, bicycles or motor-scooters. It would help to solve problems of traffic jams and air pollution. However, we cannot cycle during winter season or bad weather conditions.
All in all, traffic problems are unavoidable effect of ev
volution and development of technologies. We should cope with the bad points that cars bring to our life, use new safer and cleaner means of transport and of course, feel responsible for our actions when we are driving.

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