Trakai castle

Trakai castle

Trakai is a village built on a peninsula surrounded by lakes on all sides. You will be amazed by these unforgettable sights. The village it self is attractive especially in the northern part, where you can find typical wooden cottages. Around the 14th century Vytautas brought the Karaites here, a sect which he used for his own protection. Vytautas himself constructed a castle on a small island in the lake where it was virtually impossible to conquer.

There are even anncient legends explaining the exeptional lucidity of the lakes. According to one of those legends the Skaistis Lake (“Lucid”) was made from a young maiden’s tears. All her life the beautiful girl was waiting for her beloved warrior , who had been sent to war against Teutonic Knights , and never came back. The “town of the water” as Trakai is usually called , is particularly rich in architectural and cultural monuments; there are more than 300 of them.

The Trakai castle visitors are taken doown into the castle inside. There they can see very old antiques. Also, people can go to Varnikai –Ilgelis and Plomenai nature reserves. There they can find a number of rare species of birds and plants. The Trakai National Park is

s visited by over 300 or 350 thousand people every year.

Every one will be amazed by this beautiful sights , which should not be missed by any visitor to the Trakai castle

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