Lithuania has a very beautiful landscape, but environment pollution is increasing every day. So if people don’t make any changes we soon won’t have a quite and clean place to relax, also fauna and flora won’t have their natural habitat. For this reason they will become extinct. This is the main fact why conservation groups try to protect and expand national parks or conservation areas in Lithuania.
To begin with, building big hotels and tourist complex in the beautiful places in ouur country has anvantages and disadvantages. Firstly, big hotels and tourist complex are developing the tourism in our country. More and more foreigners are coming to LT to see it’s most beautiful places. But in other hand, not all foreigners are considerate. Some of them are littering, causing pollution and animal extinction.
Conservation groups try to prevent such things like deforestation in national parks, but they don’t have enough money and equipment to ensure the security and to catch every offfender. Such places like Nida, Kursiu Nerija, Ignalina national park are the natural habitat for many species of animals and plants, but these species don’t feel safe there. So I think that the government should pay more attention to this pr

roblem. At first, they should give bigger fines and spend more money on the protection of national parks. Secondly, they should expand the territories of Lithuanian national parks and conservation areas, so that fauna and flora could be safe in their natural surrounding.
Each of us must do everything possible to keep the land, air and water clean. How we can protect nature? Everybody must plant trees, flowers, take care of animals. Schoolchildren must not break trees, must not pick flowers in the forest or in the field, must not throw waste paper or other things into rivers or lakes.
So in conclusion I want to say that Lithuanian people should be proud that they have such a beautiful landscape and they shhould also try to protect it from pollution, deforestation and poachers.

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