Tips for a foreigner visiting in Lithuania

9. Tips for a foreigner visiting in Lithuania

If guest comes from any European country, I first of all will show my native town with its wonderful nature, museums, the river Šventoji and lakes. Lithuania is a small country at the Baltic Sea. The nature is very beautiful there. To the foreign visitors what we have to show is our wonderful nature and traditions. To my mind, they must see everything what is nice. There are many national parks in Lithuania. You can take your guests to them. In the park the visitors can have a good rest and spend the holidays or weekend in the fresh air, play games, go by water bikes or do other things. For the foreigners it’s very interesting to take part at festivals. They can take part in very interesting ethnographic festivals, for example Shrovetide (The first week of March) – to expelling of the winter and seeing spring. The Kaziukas fair. Wooden tools, ceramics and articles sold in markets, squares and streets. The festival of Saint John’s day is held on the 25-26 of June. ). It is the shortest night and no one seems to go to sleep then. Picked flowers thrown into rivers to float. Fields are full of songs and dances. Also you can take foreigners to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is located on the Neris River. It is an important cultural and industrial center. There is fantastic cathedral on ”Gediminas castle”. After it was build the castle was restored few times, because it was rape after wars and fires. There are many more interesting places in Lithuanian such as Palanga, Nida, Druskininkai, Birštonas. The place which Lithuanian people like most, is Palanga, because it is the biggest resort near the Baltic sea. There are many museums in Lithuania. Ciurlionis State Museum of Art is the national museum of Lithuania. It operates as head office for 5 different museums in Kaunas. Devil museum is a part of the Ciurlionis State Museum of Art. It’s the only devil museum in the world. The museum of war is the only war museum in Lithuania. There are gun collection and exhibition about the first two men, who flew over the Atlantic. Also there is a T. Ivanauskas Zoological Museum. It’s one of the oldest museums in Lithuania. It’s the only Zoological museum in the Baltic States, having a big impressive collection of all kinds of animals, nature sounds as background music.

There are a lot of holidays in Lithuanian. The best known holidays are Christmas, New Year, Easter. In Lithuanian people spend Christmas with the Christmas Eve supper. There are twelve traditional dishes on the table. You must taste all of them. The food is left to stand overnight for the visiting spirits to last it. In the morning Children find some Christmas presents under, the Christmas tree. For Easter holiday we paint eggs, take cokes, horn. This is only a small part that I would tell and show to my guest. To sum up, there are many interesting places to visit and exciting things to experience in Lithuania.