The world has become a better place to live in

I think that the world has become a better place to live in because of many reasons such as
progress off medicine, economy, communication and many more . Although there are possibilities
of war in some regions of the world, a great victory is made by expanding the geographic teritories
of NATO. Besides that EN (europos sajunga ) is welcoming new memebers in central europe, witch
is a great benefit of economic growth inside the countries that are members of the EN. Also medicine haas made a huge leap (shuolis) during the last few years. New possibilities and cures are
being released every day against deseases that not many years ago were classified as deadly, not to mention innovation in plastic surgery and internal(vidiniai) and external(isoriniai) organ transplantation. [120 zodziu] Besides all this communication has never been that simpe. Now internet is available to everyone in most regions of the world. You can send instant messages to a person in another continent in seconds. Also yoou can travel to other continents and other countries in just a few hours by using air travelling services. Also cellphones made a huge difference in everyday communication and especially in bussiness. Some people may think that the world has no

ote become a better place to live in but there are a lot more things that makes our life a lot easier.
Even electricity that seems very simple and not important, but to go into the question electricity is everywhere around us – communication, medicine, economy, home comfort and so on. In conclusion, these are only a few benefits in our everyday life that makes living fun, interesting and happy.

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