The spirit of London

London often gives the impression of being more comfortable with its past than its present. From the world famous landmarks of St Paul`s Cathedral, Buckingham, Palace and the Tower of London to the traditional and well-loved double- decker buses, the theatres and the many grand hotels, England`s capital offers visitors a journey through centuries of history. Newly cleaned and restored buildings are revealed, and the city looks as if it has been revitalized.

The city has also rediscovered its river. The arrea between the South Bank Arts Centre, which includes the National Theatre, and Tower Bridge, has been brought back to life and the city has found a new heart along the forgotten riverside. As you walk eastwards along the river from Westminster, you will discover that old warehouses have been transformed into galleries, shops and clubs.

Across the river from London Bridge is The City of London, the financial district of the capital. The city has its own historic delights such ass the 15th century Guildhall and churches designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The best way to explore the city is on foot. London is a lively and exciting metropolis which is well-know for its popular culture, music clubs, street fashion, an

nd visual arts. Many London pubs have been restored to their original Victorian beauty.

Much of London`s energy and originality is now centred in Soho, the city`s liveliest and most bohemian area. Soho, once considered one of the dirtiest and most dangerous parts of London, was cleaned up in the early 1980`s. Today it has become a meeting place for all kinds of people from all over the world.

So, even if you are new to the city, you don`t have to try hard in order to experience the real London. Despite its heavy traffic and shaking underground railway, it is still one of the world`s greatest and most cosmopolitan cities.

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