the portrait of my best friend

The portrait of my friend

My best friend’s name is Kristina. She’s a nice girl, she’s also quite pretty. The girl is tall and slim, her hair is long and bright with red-painted wisps. Kristina’s got a square face, small nose and big blue eyes. You can see some freckles on her cheeks.Kristina is a very nice person. She’s very friendly and generous, on the other hand, she can be disorganized sometimes. But I know that and I understand it – after all she is a very busy girl for her age.Kristina is only in her early teens, but she’s very active and imaginative. She is never borer. She goes to the dancing studio three times a-week and she goes to the gym at every weekend. Although she is busy person, she always finds a time to be with her friends, and that’s me and other girls of our neighborhood.Mine and Kristina’s parents are friends too, like we. Our moms are best friends, and our dads know eachother for a very long time. Kristina’s mother’s name is Birute, she is in her middle forties. She’s tall and slim, she is very pretty and nice. She works as a nurse. Kristina’s father’s name is Viktoras, he’s tall and well-build. His hair is short and bright. He plays football in Berlin’s national football team. Kristina and I are together every summer. Kristina lives in Germany, but her grandparents are in Lithuania and she comes here every summer holiday to visit them.That’s where we first time met – near the lake, in Ignalina, where her grandparents live. And we are best friends till now. When she goes to Germany in autumn, I write her letters and she writes me back. When Kristina leaves Lithuania, I am missing her very much, I hope, that she does missing me too. Now I’m waiting for summer, when I could go to Ignalina and meet Kristina!!