If we could jump off the Earth and start running to the moon,it would
take us five yaers to get there, running night and day.The „Apollo – 11“
astronauts got there and back to earth in some 195 hours. The moon is
384,400 kilometres away and that is why it looks so small.

The surface of the moon is all rock, stones and dust. There are no seas
or rivers and no clouds or rain. When the sun shines on the moon , the
rocks are burining hot , much ho

otter than the hottest desert on our earth.
The ground is so hot that water could boil on it. But when the sun has set
and the moon is in darkness,the rocks are very cold,much colder than at the
North Pole.

There is a lot of dust on the moon,but it does not fly about,because
there is no air and there is no wind at all. There is no noise or sound on
the moon, because sound is carried by the air and where there is no
o air
there can be no sound. The moon is airless, waterless, soundless and
lifeless. It is dead.

There are ranges of mountains on the moon .Some of these mountains are
as high as the as the biggest mountains on our earth.

Let us imagine th
hat we go to the moon. The first thing we notice is that
we can run and jump more easily than we can do on the earth.That beacause
everthing weighs very little on the moon.

If we are on the moon at night, we can see in the sky the same stars
that we see from the earth. But instead of the moon we can see the earth.
The silver earth – light shines brighter on the cold dry moon than
moonlight shines on the earth.