the importance of sport

The importance of sport

Nowadays the importance of sport is emphasized by many people. For many years , people all over the world have been suffering from the diseases such as sclerousis of the arteries ,pain in the back ,obesity and so on. A lot of people started to worry about their health and they think that the best way to take care of themselves is to go in for sports. Sport is one of the main ways to help children ,young ppeople and adults to keep fit and healthy and to avoid becoming overweight. What is more, sport is good for mental health. The persons, who choose sport – use less medicine and are able – bodied.

From a social standpoint ,sport makes a person a member of society. Modern society is very complicated . Sport plays a positive role in uniting people from different social back-grounds in support of their favorite team. Also sports can help build friendships.

From an economic point of view ,sport ccan be very profitable, as it attracts a lot sponsorship. International competitions are benefitial because sportsmen from other countries use hotels ,buy food ,drink ,clothing. Equally important that teams create publicity and fans buy ,wear ,publicize team’s initials , badges. It b

brings profit for the State.

Sport is an important part of a child’s schooling. It teaches children to cooperate with others ,to learn about rules and fair play , to cope with winning and losing. You’ll see how important the sport is. Especially we ,the students , have to study a lot and very hard .We all need more physical exercises now, so that we could be healthier.

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