The importance of controlling your brain

Most people don’t use all their brain to achieve the goal they are reaching for. If people could use all their brain power, for example with the help of their dreams, they could make their live easier. As shown in recent studies, dreams can help you solve lots of problems: you can write down what you where dreaming and match the dreams with the things happening in your life. There are lots of ways to help you remember your dreams: some are very simple while others include scientific methods. But all these ways include one thing- lots of practice. On the other hand, some people are borne geniuses and not only they don’t use these methods, but they create new ones. Some of their inventions can change the old education system. So it’s very important to fully use your brain to help you cope with day every problem.Our dreams can be used like liquid dreaming what is similar to daydreaming except that it’s much more powerful. Its relay hard to become aware, so was invented a device to train as to recognize a lucid dream straight away. It’s called “Dream light” and it mask worn above the eyes. Some peoples have nightmares, what isn’t god for them and their dreaming.Psychometric test is used for measuring mental abilities and process. In the UK this test is carried out by employers to recruit new staff.