The house of my dreams

Now I live in an old 5-storeyed block of flats in Klaipėda. But if I could choose the house to live in, I would choose such house. It would be a 16-storeyed block of flats in one of the most picturesque districts of Vilnius. Why 16-storeyed? I just want all my friends to live in this block of flats with me. Imagine: we would live like one family, we would meet each other almost everyday. There would be a supermarket on the ground floor, so that we could buy everything and we wouldn_t have to spend much time on it. My block of flats would be well-planned, with all modern conveniences, such as central heating, electricity, gas, cold and hot water, telephone and other things. I would like there to be a big yard near the house, with basketball and football fields. Who would refuse to play basketball in the yard of his own house? My house would be situated near my school, but not too near, so that school life would not disturb my personal life. My flat would be on the fourth floor. Not so high, but not too low. It is very convenient. For example, if the elevator doesn_t work, I have to climb only four floors up the stairs. All the flats in my house would have at least 4 rooms. Now I will try to describe my flat. The largest room would be the living room, of course. With two comfortable armchairs and a TV set in the corner of the room. My own room would be also large, with a TV set, a radio set, a hi-fi system, a video tape recorder, a bed, a writing table and a bookshelf. It would be very cosy and light. What else can I say about the house of my dreams? Perhaps, all the flats would be similar, with all the conveniences. I think I have nothing to add. This would be the house of my dreams.

Sunkesni žodžiai: 5-storeyed – penkiaaukštis; block of flats – daugiabutis namas; picturesque – gražus; district – rajonas; well-planned – gerai suplanuotas; modern conveniences – šiuolaikiniai patogumai; to refuse – atsisakyti; to disturb – trukdyti; convenient – patogu; to describe – apibudinti; cosy – jaukus;