The Happiness

The aim of this essay is to try to explain what the happiness is and how we can achieve it. There is a wide variety of opinions what makes a person happy, but everyone would agree that he or she wants to experience this feeling.
A useful starting point would be the definition of happiness. If we take a look of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, it says: “ happiness – the satisfaction that something is good, right, etc.” As we can see, happiness iss a feeling experienced by a person. It is a very desirable feeling which a positive effect on our body and mind.
What makes a person happy? Everyone wants to be happy, but the ways to achieve this are different for all of us. Just think: one is happy because he is in love; another has enough money to buy what he likes; still, other feel happy having good health or a beautiful family; someone has what to eat and he iss a happy person; even the snow on Christmas morning can make a lot of people happy. As follows, this feeling comes from such a big variety of things in life that it seems impossible to name all of them.
What co

oncerns me, I am not an egoistic person, so it makes me happy than others are happy and smiling. Even the smallest thing can cheer me up. I feel happy when I make a surprise for the people I love. For example, when my husband comes back from his work I like to surprise him with his favourite meal. Or when I see my little boy sleeping in his bed, he looks so sweet and at that moment I am the happiest person in the whole world. Even when I wake up in the morning and I see the sun shining, I just know today is a good day for me. In other words, I think that love is the prroducer of happiness.
The Grevitable conclusion therefore is that the happiness lies in the smallest things of life. All we have to do is to open our eyes and hearts and we will feel this wonderful thing – happiness – deep inside everyone of us.

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