The greenhouse effect – advantages and disadvantages

The greenhouse effect is a global problem in the world nowadays. This effect have more disadvantages, than advantages.
First of all, greenhouse disadvantages will be discussed. Our climate is getting warmer. It couses the ice-field to melt. So water covers more and more of the land. As a result, some countries of the world, such as Belgium, Holland, Bangladesh, Burma, Uruguay and others are great danger of being flooded. The man – made chemicals break up ozone molecules. These chemicals contribute too the greenhouse effect.
The greenhouse effect also has some negative influence on flora and fauna. Some species are not able to adapt to a new anvironmet. As the result some species of birds and animal are on the extinction, for example ostrichs, duckbills, rhinoceros, elephant, swordfish, European bizon and so on.
The greenhouse effect has also some advantages. Scientists agree, that if greenhouse effect did not exist, the temperature of the planet would be 40 degrees below zero. So the oceans crould frreeze, the earth would die. Millions of people will become homelless and lots of land will be flooded. Also, because of greenhouse effect we have more warmer days.
In conclucion, i can only say, that grehouse effect has some disadvantages and ad

dvantages as well. It is one of the most serious problems in the world.

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