the environment

Lithuania has nature and beautiful landscapes. And yet many plants and animals cannot survive without protected areas. We must protect nature from people – and for people.Any species can be leaded into extinct if they are hunted, polluted or infected. One of the smallest species vanishing in nature can cause irretrievable affect to others one’s. This is because all of species are involved into the natural chain of sustenance.Naturally this balance is always corrected by nature, bet when people intervenes into this process equality can be misbalanced. Our modern life forces us to use any available resources of flora, fauna and inanimate matter.Hunting animals, polluting air and water brings early death to animals. There are many organizations created to protect animal’s rights. These campaigners forces governments to publish a laws, who more or less protects nature. Some developed countries voluntary establish reservations, national parks where animals can live and propagate freely. In such places animals are protected by law, and killing or making other damage to them brings high penalties for humans.