The adventure I had



Last November I went to India to see the Diwali celebration.Diwali is a Hindu religion celebration. The most important thing for a Hindu is to love and please God – by living a good life, by setting up shrines1 at home by frequent2 prayers and by celebrating the many Hindu festivals. Diwali is such a festival. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light. The word Diwali is short for dipawali, witch means “row of lights”. Diwali is celebrated during late October or Early November, when it gets dark early and the nights are cold, long and dark. Hindus enjoy preparing for Diwali a month before the festivities3 begin and the celebrations can last for up to five days. At Diwali, Houses have welcoming lamps at all their doors and windows, and multicolored lights decorate the streets. The temples4 are covered with fireworks. Shop windows are piled5 with different – colored sweets, and everybody wears their brightest clothes. Diwali is celebrated for different reasons all over India, because different gods are honored in different areas. It is a time of hope and new beginnings.

1. Shrine – relikvija; sventojo kapas,sventove, sventykla.2. Frequent – daznas, daznai vykstantis; pasikartojantis; iprastas.3. Festivities – linksmybes, iskilmes,sventimas.4. Temples – sventyklos, sventove.5. Piled – prikrauta, sukrauta; perkrauta.