The Advantages and Disadvantages of living in cities

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Cities

Have you ever thought about the life in the city? This life has two sides. One is positive and another is negative.

On the positive side, people can come to the city center to buy at the shops and work in the tall office blocks. Moreover, as night falls, people leave offices and go to the restaurants, theatres and cinemas to enjoy themselves. One more advantage of living in a city is that the st treets are full of bright lights. In addition to this cities are connected with other places by motorways and express trains. Most cities also have airports.

On the other hand, cities have a lot of problems. One disadvantage of living in a city is that cars exhaust fumes in the air. However people use cars because it is much more comfortable than walking on foot. What is more in the cities there are more criminals who can rob or even kidnap yo ou.

In conclusion, a city can give you a chance to get a better life. In contrast the cities have various dangers and mysteries which make people feel unsafe.

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