The advantages and disadvantages of being famous

The advantages and disadvantages of being famous

Almost everyone wants to be famous, even small children wish to become famous in future. Mostly people see just great things of being famous. But being famous isn’t that fun as everybody thinks. Fame has a price but gives you some pleasures too.

To start with, famous can be kind of fun. Famous people are financially secure and they lives are easier in many aspects. They can afford most expensive things for themselves. What is more, sometimes celebrities are given free things by companies who receive free advertisement when famous people use or wear these things or have such privileges as not pay in restaurants. As a result, famous people live luxury lives.

Despite all these good things fame has a price. Famous people don’t have any private lives. Everyone talks about celebrities’ lives and make rumors which are abusive and defamatory. Some cases rumors have even cause depression for famous people. They fell persecuted by their fans or paparazzi. Not to mention the fact that many people seek advantage of celebrities. They never know who their real friends are and live quite lonely lives. Some of them live in fear so their lives become even more stressful.

All things considered, being an ordinary person outweigh the advantages and disadvantages of being a rich and famous one. Their lives aren’t such nice as we all imagine. Maybe famous people’s lives are better than our but their problems are much bigger.

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