The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Professional Sportsman

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Professional Sportsman

What is life of a professional sportsman like? Probably nobody would argue that rational and steady physical activity is the best medicine against many deseases. However, it is argued how rational and secure can a sportsmen living be?

In first place, a career of a professional sporstman is temporal and challenges a great deal of energy. Many restrictions, such as lean diets, frequent training sessions wears out the organism and has practical consequences in n the old age. Futhermore, injuries are very common and a sportsman can never be sure how long its career is going to last. Even though nothing evil happens a career should last approximately up to forty years old. It is rather difficult to retrain and do something else. What is more, there is no permanent place of residence for a sportsman, since it goes where it is needed, where it has made a contract. Moving from place to place is s a severe test for the family.

However, there are advantages to being a professional sportsman. First and foremost, those who choose sportsmen life probably cannot live without their sport. And what can be better than having a job which is yo

our pleasure and patient? Finally, sportsmen who have gained strides become famous themselves, besides they glorify their motherland.

To conclude, the aim of sport is to fortify health, not to poor it. Although there are pluses for being a professional sportsman, i think that sport should better remain a hobby or simply a leasure time activity.

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