Our world is developing and changes very fast. With the creation of good things, vices appear. And the new fear of today is terrorism.
Terrorism as a form of violence is as old as recorded history, and has been used to intimidate governments and strike fear into societies all over the world. Throughout the 20th century, from Northern Ireland to the Middle East, terrorist organizations have used acts of violence to focus attention on their causes and to pressure governments to

o give in to their demands while governments themselves have used terrorism to maintain their power.
The issue of terrorism has recently became extremely relevant, while terrorists organizations threaten us more and more and the world is being shocked by new acts.

So first of all, who is responsible for the severe cruelty? There has been estimated about 50 working terrorism organizations around the world.

Al queda, which located in Afghanistan, was established by Osama bin Laden. This organization is well known around the wo

orld as it is responsible for the worst terrorism acts on the 11th of September.
We have got the facts: hijacked jetliners hit the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington. A fourth hijacked plane crashes in
nto a field in Pennsylvania. Hundreds of New York City firemen and policemen are sent to rescue WTC workers lost when the WTC Twin Towers collapse. Thousands of people die.
Here we have just the plain facts, but can you imagine, what all these people were feeling? They were trapped in burning towers, there were horrified, they were waiting for the rescue teams to come. Some of them jumped down out of despair. And what about the families, whose relatives died?
Terrorism brings a lot of pain, that is an undoubtedly fact. It’s hard to understand, how can people choose such ways to pursue political goals.

The terrorism group in Spain is called Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) and their goal is to Es

stablish an independent homeland based on Marxist principles in the northern Spanish provinces.
Spain had suffered a very tragical terrorism attack some time ago. On the 11th of march bombings took the lives of unguilty people. Thirteen explosions in four trains in Madrid caused panic and chaos in all the country. This terrorism act is considered the worst in the history of Europe. However, nobody can exactly say who is responsible for it.
Sometimes the aims of terrorists are clear, but in
n different cases it’s difficult to understand the motives.

Russia had suffered a lot because of their conflict with Chechnya. Starting with bombs in shops, trains, underpasses and even festivals and finishing with the event, where 50 chechen rebels seized Moscow theater and took about 800 hostages. After a three-day siege Russian forces stormed the building using gas, killing most of the rebels and 120 hostages.

Terrorism is familiar even to countries like Australia or Ireland. All Australia was shocked after the explosion in a club in Bali island. About 100 young people died. People were asking this question “why terrorists had chosen Australia?”. The guilt was given to the prime minister of Australia, because he had good relationship with USA and became its confederate.

It would be impossible to mention all terrorism acts and that’s a terrible thing. It’s very sad to know, that our world has this problem. “Fight against terrorism” has been started, but all it brings it’s just more terrorism. However, I believe that our world has a bright future.