Teenagers criminals

Teenagers criminals

Now teenagers commit more crimes then adult ones! Gangs of young criminals are increasing every day. What is the reason of that?
The answer is one: family’s instability, alcoholism, economical problems, depreciated schools and education, imperfect law system.
Films of violence, detailed crime stories in the press have a big influence for crimes increasing. Dogging adults steps teenagers begin extort wealth, cheat, make drugs, use guns, process money, resell burglaries things. Statistic shows that drunk or intoxicated teenagers made many crimes
We can group teenager criminals into two groups. One group of them become criminals, because those teenagers are weakling persons, their friends make great influence on them on their way of thinking or by these friends help they do a crime for fun. Other group of teenager’s criminals does crimes for their bad social status.
How a teenager can become a criminal?

A teenager can become a criminal when:
This teenager’s friends make great influence on him on his way of thinking.
This teenager is a weakling person and he can’t resist the temptation to alcohol, drugs, so he does a crime, because at that moment he did not understand what he was doing, because he was drunk.
This teenager do not have what to do in his spare time, so he does a crime just for having fun.
This teenager’s social status is bad, so he does a crime for having money.

What kind of teenager criminals are in Lithuania?

A teenager criminal can be:
burglar (a person who steals from the houses);
rapist (a person who likes to rape women);
racketeer (a person who orders another person to give all his money);
As we all know the bigger part of teenager criminals are of male sex. And we also know that a teenager criminal is not so dangerous like a professional criminal, who has got lots of experience in that sphere. And that a teenager criminal’s way of life could be easily changed to another way of life, normal way of life, just you have to show that their is another way of living.

Police account
Why do youngsters become criminals? It’s the question, which bothers a lot of people. Here are some reasons why that happens:
Youngsters don’t have interesting facilities and hobbies
Use drugs
Have bad friends
Have a lot of problems at home
Finds nothing interesting at school
Have some problems with teachers
Haven’t got a living place or don’t have money for food

These are the main things why youngsters become criminals. Now we want to tell some ideas how to solve this problem. Should be some educational centers where young people could find a professional psychologist that would help a lot.
Schools should try to help solve that problem and organize some lectures for students about crimes, drugs, how drugs can make people do very bad things.
We were explaining how to solve that problem, but we forgot to tell what kinds of crimes are most popular.
There are a lot of hooligans, but it isn’t the biggest problem in our country. They have a lot of problems with muggers, because they are getting money like that for drugs and then they start feeling bad and start robbing (old ladies), stealing or even burgling. That makes a lot of problems for police officers.
And the other kind of crimes is shoplifting (that is the most popular kind of crimes) Very many shops loose a lot of money, because of that. And the main thing with shoplifters is that they get used to it and become addict.
We think you want to ask why police isn’t doing anything about that. But they do. They try to organize some summer caps for youngsters try to take them to psychologist or to talk with them; some times they organize shows for pupil. So I think you can’t say that police is doing nothing.