Technology progress

Technology progress

Just like how discovery of steam engine caused revolution in the world of techniques, computers caused information revolution today. We can now say that the biggest technology progress is in the last 50 years. Because 50 years ago ENIAC – the first analytical machine was discovered. In the 70s we already had the first generation of computers. They of course were very big and expensive and they couldn’t work long. And that was the reason why they were used only in big annd rich countries by governmental institutions and scientists. And only in the first part of 90s computers became popular all over the world.

Now we are talking about such things like Internet, computerized information systems, information databases. These things are closely connected to our life and we couldn’t imagine living without them.

Not only couldn’t a person live without these new technologies. Now everything – banks, airports, governmental system, telephony, etc. are based on latest technologies. Why is it all so neecessary? It is only because a man needs to know more and reach more than he has and knows now. Scientists search for other life in space and they use latest technology – everything is computerized. Now we can see the pr

rogress of congnitivistics – computer intellect. Maybe after 10 or more years we will have thinking computerized systems, which will ease our life even more.

This information revolution affects all the people. 10 years ago there were only 4-5% working people, who worked with information. Now this percent exceeds to 70% and it’s growing fast. And so we are talking about information society. For Lithuanian people it is very hard to overcome our old beliefs, when we lived in Soviet Union. Of course it will take some time, but it will be only useful. Information becomes a strategically important element in everyday life and in every organization that wants to be successful. We must go together with technology because this is the only way to acchieve more. Technology is developing and every tomorrow can be very surprising for us. Technology progress never stops.

But we must also remember that technology can be also dangerous and bring as much harm as good. It is good that we have lasers and other related technology when they are used to cure people and for good purposes. But when this technology turns back to us with very unfriendly intentions then it can be too late. So we must be aware of
f this and maybe this is the only disadvantage of technology progress.

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