Technology has created less free time rather than more

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It is quite sad that new technology has changed mostly everything in this world. The way we live, think, communicate, enjoy or even love. There are a lot of electronic devices which we use every-day and would be difficult to live without. Smart phones and internet suppose to make our life comfortable and easier , also have more spare time for us. But if we think about this it seems we are busier than we used to be. So how new teechnologies improved and changed our life?

Firstly ,technology let us do things much quicker and easier . For example, back in the days if you want to communicate with someone you had to send letter then wait for answer which takes more than one day or sometimes even weeks. These days  to get in touch with someone takes only few seconds. All you need to do is to type a message on your smart phone and press a button to send itt. Also there are cleaning and cooking robots which help people a lot when they have to do housework. Their do their task while you are taking a shower, making the laundry or simply relaxing.

Secondly, the mobile phone and th

he computer are two good examples of devices that take away a lot  of free time if we do not use them responsibly.  Having a mobile phone  can be very stressful because people can call you or send you a text message any time they want t

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To sum up technologies has unquestionable positive income to work daily life. For instance you are easily reachable ,flexible and socially  active. But consequently you feel accessible even when you spend time with your family and it’s become harder to get away from that. So turning off your mobile phones is sometimes much better.

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