Taking risks

Taking risks

We all want to keep ourselves fit and healthy, we all need to do some exercise, or play different sport. But why do people take up extreme sports? I think that the most important thing is that it makes them feel alive and it’s very interesting. The extreme sports craze started ten years ago. People, who take risks are very audacious, drastic, spirited. They need to take risks to make their lives more interesting and exciting.

Risky sports predominantly liike youth. There are a lot of risky sports like Base jumping, bungee jumping, free-climbing, off-piste in-lining, sky surfing, snowboarding and others. I think that the most dangerous sport is sky-surfing, because you have to jump out of the plane with surfboard and it’s very risky and breakneck. It seems very big likelihood to hurt and it can hold your breath for up to some seconds. No one risk addicts can’t be without risk.

Statistician, Frank Duckworth, built up very important annd interesting thing a riskometer. The riskometer help people to decide to take risk or not. We all like the idea of a riskometer as long as there’s caution.
Many people are not so brave and drastic. They are craven or th

hey fear of something. There are a lot of types of phobia like claustrophobia, photophobia, darkphobia and others. I think that people who suffer from claustrophobia are virtually craven and entirely cliquish. They have a lot of troubles.

In all over the world are a lot of public organizations that deal with emergencies. It’s emergency services like Automobile Association and Royal Automobile Club which help motorists in emergencies Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which saving people who have difficulty at sea, an air ambulance, which help people, what are far away from waze, the Fire Brigade, which help people in fires, the Metropolitan Police Force, which help people in town and others. So all emergency services are very important and helpful.

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