Steel is the most important materials in construction. Steel construction can be used in multi floor buildings, halls, masts, and towers, and industrial buildings: crane rails, boiler houses, conveyor belt bridges. Steel construction is very flexible and ecological, but all structures must be very safety and be built according to legal construction regulations.

The other detail used in construction is brick. Brick is made from the clay or ground shale. These brick “have a dense surface wich makes them highly resistant too weathering and this suitable for facing work. That to over the brick need to put brick in to fired kiln, and then brick would have the best physical characters.

However people used bricks many ages ago. In Near East and India, The Romans, Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, later Germany and too near the Baltic Sea and they all made brick differently, and built houses from different kind of bricks. For example “ the Sumerian bricklayers would lay a row of bricks perpendicular too the rest every few rows” The Romans bricks are often stamped with mark of the legion supervised its production. In 12 century in Northern Germany culminated Gothic brick, and too these bricks are used in countries near Baltic Sea, much fo

ound in Denmark. But Gothic brick a short while was not popular, and a brick was covered with plaster. But in 18 century Ghotic brick regained popularity of visible brick.

Hard – burned brick making begin of the 20th century and used for face work exposed the weather. These brick are different standard, UK and US, they had different brick size. In these brick making are used the glaze material.” Subsequent reheating in the kiln fuses the slip into glazed surface integral with the brick base.

The first brick manufactured in 1849. The process of making was very hard. The material was mixed, cruched, dampened, molded and brick have green color.

Finally bricks can be used in wall in all nations, in landscape in walks, patios annd much more in Southern climate.

Brick flooring – is using everywhere, in the outside and inside. These brick have perfect ease clean up smooth yet optimum in slip resistance even when wet.. The flooring brick are different size, color, design, and have good beauty, and good physical characters, so these bricks can be used in the vehicular traffic.

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