Specialized education

Education always was truly important for schoolchildren who care their future, because it helps young people to get a good job after school. But education has been changed by pedagogues’ publicity and now it is specialized.
To my mind specialized education is much better, because you can choose what is more important to you and learn those subjects harder. As far as I am concerned, I specialize in mathematics, history, Lithuanian and English. I pay the most part of my attention too them, because I will need to pass those exams if I wanted to study economics or (verslo vadybą ir administravimą) at university. What is more, when education is specialized you can learn helpful but not essential subjects and you can choose them too. You can also get rid of those lessons you are bored or just not interested in. But on the other hand, there are also some drawbacks about specialized education. Sometimes you can have many free lessons beetween other lessons because it is really hard to make and bring into line schoolchildren’ with teachers’ timetables.
Because of all those things I would like to recommend my school to others. I would also like to say that there work hi

igh qualification teachers who are always ready to help you. They do their bests to prepare young people to pass exams and get qualifications, to think creatively, to teach us to become caring members of society and to produce mentally and physically fit young adults. Furthermore, atmosphere at our school is friendly and after the lessons have finished students can attend extra-curricular lessons.
In conclusion, I would like to say that specialized education is much better, because optional subjects are intended to be tough. So we must make our bests and study hard because knowledge is a process of thinking and it is truly important for our future.

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