Many people do not like when somebody is smoking close to them but some think that it does not matter. So is that a good idea to ban smoking in public places or not?
To start with, cigarettes smoke may disturb other people. When a non-smoker person is compelled to breathe in smoke he or she may cough. Moreover clothes of non-smokers can smell badly when somebody is smoking. Secondly the smoke from cigarettes is harmful. It can cause diseases and annnoy the respiratory system. An additional advantage of a ban on smoking in public places is that there will not be any remnants of cigarettes. It would be cleaner.
On the other hand, it is impossible to obey this ban by everybody. Few people will leave public places to smoke. But if they do not do it they will break the law. Furthermore, there will be no place where a smoker could smoke without breaking the law. What is more if woorkers leave their work places to smoke somewhere they may lose their jobs. Finally lots of people smoke and the other should respect their rights. Some diners have a special division for smoking and non-smoking comparments.
Taking all this into consideration th

here should not be ban on smoking in public places. A good solution is to share places vor non-smokers and smokers. If we ban smoking in public places we will break smokers nights.

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