Should parents limit the amount of television their children watch

Should parents limit the amount of television their children watch

Nowadays television makes influence on children who are watching TV instead of playing with friends or going outside. Lots of discussions have been made if parents should limit the amount of television their children watch. In my opinion, kids couldn’t be allowed to watch TV as much as they want.

harmful for To begin with, long hours spent in front of a TV set are their health. There are a lot of b

books, newspaper articles, radio programmes about harmful influence of television on backbones and nervous system of yong people. In addition to this, scientists claim if children watch TV more than two hours per day, they can have eyesight problems.

Moreover, children who are great TV lovers can loose natural human relations. They can become couch potatoes and loose their contacts with friends and family members. Relationships with others are very important for development of personality, especially in a young age.

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ther hand, parents shouldn’t be too strong for their children and let them watch television. There are lots of interesting programmes on TV, for example, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and others, which play educational role and make children’s outlook wider. Fu
urthermore, it is proved that if children spend much time by a TV set listening to foreign language, they can learn it without any difficulty.

Taking everything into account, if watched with measure, TV can bring satisfaction and be a great learning tool for children. I strongly believe, that parents shouldn’t forbid their children watch TV, but the amount of time must be strictly limited according to their age because of its negative effects.