Seasons.Travelling by Air.

We love nature so much as it gives us that change we need: cold winter gives way to charming spring that turns to generous summer and romantic autumn. I like spring. After winter with its nasty drizzle, melting snow, dark gloomy sky spring comes. It gets warmer and warmer every day. The snow thaws and marry streamlets run along there streets. The trees begin to bud and they burst into blossom. I like to see when chestnut trees show their whhite and rosy candles.
My native town looks especially nice when lilacs and acacias begin to blossom filling the air with that sweet odor which is so well known since my childhood. Fields and meadows, parks and gardens are covered with fresh carpet of spring flowers: tulips, crocuses, narcissi, pianos and lilies-of-the-valley. The air is filled with fragrance and marry twitter of birds. These changes mean the revival of nature for me.
Everything seems nasty and gloomy when it is cold and rrainy. But I like warm spring and summer rains, even thunderstorms with lightning. They are usually short. When the warm sunrays touch the fresh foliage and a rainbow appears in the sky I feel happy. The motley fragrance of air m

may take your breath away. Spring makes us remember elemental things: no matter what we do to pollute this beautiful part of our planet nature is still willing to forgive us and give us another chance.
Summer is a generous time. The hot sun fills our hearts with “glory of the day and banish every doubt, care and sorrow away”. It’s an ideal time for spending your vocations at the seaside or in the woods enjoying the ravishing beauty of nature.
Only freshness and fog in the morning will tell us about the coming of autumn. I prefer early autumn when lawns are still in their attire of summer green. The days are still warm but the sun is soft. The gaardens are full of ripe fruits and vegetables. Autumn nature isn’t as carefree as that of summer but it is probably even more delightful. You only have to take a closer look and listen. The bright fire of autumn leaves is whispering its tuneful melody of people’s hopes and anxieties.
Nature gives me that singing hour of peace and quiet I need so much. When I get in touch with nature it is like a breath of ecstasy which fills my he
eart with expectation of joy and happiness.
Travelling by Air.
Modern life is impossible without travelling. Of course the fastest way of travelling is by plane. Many people prefer travelling by air as it is the most convenient, comfortable and quickest means of travelling. Travelling by plane has also its advantages and disadvantages.
If you are going to travel by air you’d better buy tickets beforehand because many people are fond of travelling by plane. There are some reasons why people choose that means of travelling. If it is summer outside it will be better to think of your trip before the vocation starts. To understand how true this is, you only have to go to an airport. There you will see hundreds of people hurrying to catch a plane. You’ll waste a lot of time standing near the booking office trying to buy a ticket.
Modern planes have very comfortable seats in all cabins, and there are first class, business and economy class cabins. Inside the cabin the air is always fresh and warm. Before the plane takes off the stewardess helps everyone get comfortable in the seats and wishes them a pleasant trip. She also gives all the information about the fl
light, the speed and the altitude. During the flight you can have something to drink and to eat. You can read newspapers and magazines or simply look out of the pothole. But you will sea nothing outside but the clouds. You can buy first-class, second-class and third class. You must be in time for your flight because you must have time to pass custom and passport controls and check in. Before boarding the plane the passenger must register at the airport. While registering he is required to have his luggage weighed. If the luggage weighs more than 20 kilograms you have to pay extra. Sometimes people forget the time and the number of the flight. They can always ask for that at the airport’s information bureau and also get information about next flights and their timetables.
Sometimes passengers don’t feel as if they are walking on good solid ground when on board the plane. They can get airsick and then travelling by air becomes a real torture for them.
Nowadays travelling by air is one of the dangerous means of travelling. There are a lot of air crashes and many people die in them. And I think people prefer safety to comfort on bo
oard a ship.
Though we all seem to agree that the future belongs to air transport, other means of travelling are still popular today.

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