Season_s wather

Weather is all around us. Weather may be one of the first things you notice after you wake up. Generally human’s mood depend form the weather. If it is hot and sunny day you may feel in good mood and happy, but if it is raining, snowing outdoors, you may feel sleepy. Nowadays our climate is changing. Now it is not as it was before 40 years. Winters became wormer, springs are not alike spring must be. Now the weather isn’t steady. So I think that weather forecast is good thing, but not always it_s right. Sometimes forecast said one thing, but happens another. So, we can_t always trust them. I think that people are interested in forecasts, when they are going somewhere or when they are going to make a party in open air. Sometimes people are interesting in forecasts when they have nothing to do and are boredMy favorite weather is then sun is shining, it is about +27 degrees of Celsius and it is blowing breeze. Then I can go for a walk or lay in the sun drenched beach.To sum up I want to say that weather is very important factor for people’s mood. I can say that most people’s favorite season is summer