Right or Wrong?

A couple years ago I knew this girl, and at that time she was only seventeen and her boyfriend was same age as she. That girl was a good friend of mine. They were a normal teenage couple and they were dating for a while. She was a good student and a good friend, until one day. Of course, things never run the way we would expect them to run. I remember that day when she called me and told thhis story. That day was the worst day of her whole life, at least that is what she told me. She missed two of her periods and did a pregnancy test. Of course, it was positive. She had an abortion, just to protect herself, because only she is responsible for what happens to her body, if the abortion affects her life in a negative way, and a bad future she might have given that unborn baby.
A woman has the riight to an abortion according to the law because it is her body she has the right to protect herself. My pregnant friend could not trust anyone and would not tell anyone, except her boyfriend and me. Trying to talk he

er into going to her parents and telling them that she was pregnant was useless. She would not listen to us. She got a fake ID from someone and went to have an abortion. Her boyfriend gave her money and told her to have the abortion, as quickly as possible. Her boyfriend did not even go with her to a hospital to support her and be by her side. He just sat in the car and waited. She had an abortion and everything was fine. Although, she was not feeling good inside her mind, and she was not able to look at little babies for a while. She told that she forgave her boyfriend but she will never forget. It wiill stay in her heart forever. After a year or so they broke up. Right now she has no boyfriend and does not have a little baby. I bet she is living as normal life as she used to but in her heart she is suffering. Despite her feelings, every woman has the right to decide what to do with her own body, even though there are negative consequences either way.
A woman has the right to an abortion if having a
baby would affect her life in a negative way. Abortion is a thing that hurts not only the baby but the person who has the abortion. What would you have done if you were in her position? Would you rather have the baby or have the abortion? It might look that she did a wrong thing, but on the other hand, she did what was right for her at the time. She wanted to finish high school, as every normal kid does, she wanted to go to college and get a degree. She knew that she was not going to stay with that same boyfriend forever. She knew that something was going to get into their way and they will break up. If a person is not prepared, having a baby could have a negative consequence in her life.
A woman can chose to have an abortion if she feels that the child may not be adopted in a warm and loving home. The newspapers and TV shows are filled with stories about children who are abused or killed by their parents. The birth mother might be afraid of having a baby and giving it to an adoption center. As th
he mother of the child, she must protect him or her than a fate worse than death. The baby might get a family that does not truly love him or her. The other children in the family might be making fun of the adopted child. If the other children feel resentful and jealous they may give the adopted child a hard time. If an abortion is done, at least the “mother” knows that her child is in a guaranteed better place, with God. She would not feel responsible for her child’s life if especially if it is not as good as she wanted it to be. Every parent should give their child a safe, secure home and a birth mother must be comfortable placing her child in an adoption situation.
Choosing to have an abortion is a very difficult decision that should not be taken lightly. The most common reasons why women choose abortions are: they are not ready to become a parent, they cannot afford a baby, they don’t want to be a single parent, they don’t want anyone to know that they had sex or are pregnant, they are too young or too immature to have a child, th
hey have all the children they want, their husbands, partners, or parents wants them to have an abortion. Some people may disagree with these reasons, because some people say that there are choices other than abortion. If a woman who does not feel comfortable with having a baby should have the right to have an abortion no matter what. She should not be made to feel guilty because of her decision. A woman has control over her own body because she has to live with the consequences of her actions.
Abortion is a very emotional issue in the world. Politicians fight about it. Protesters line the streets to show their pro-life attitude or their pro-choice attitude. To gage the opinion of other people I composed a questionnaire. In my questionnaire most people were for abortion but I had some disagreements with their answers. Some people said that abortion is a bad thing and a woman should not do it for any reason. They think that if a woman doesn’t want a baby, she should give it to adoption center. She should not kill the baby. That might be true, but adoptions are not always successful and in the child’s best interest. Although, in my questionnaire all of the people said that they would not let their girlfriend or wife have an abortion. They would not let it happen by any chance. Probably the reason they said it because most people who answered my questionnaire were older than twenty years. They were not in their teens and they can afford having a baby, no matter what. They are more responsible than a teenager and they have faced the real life and its difficulties. With sex comes responsibility and those who have sex need to protect themselves from becoming pregnant.
A woman can become pregnant even if she has sex one time. Some people think that the girl will not become pregnant if it is going to be her first and last time having sex. That is not true. No matter how many times you have sex every time you have a big chance to become pregnant. So why not consider about the protection? Abstinence is the best protection from getting pregnant, but this one does not work for everyone. For some people it is just too hard to not have sex. Another choices are contraceptives, condoms, diaphragms and many more. People before having sex should consider some of these options and decide whenever they want to be protected from pregnancy or they want to have a baby. Abortion is a thing that affects everyone’s life. Some people do not think about subsequences and they just have sex without protection. They think that everything is going to be all right. Abortion should always be taken seriously and done with great thought about consequences.
The girl who I knew was only seventeen years old. She was still in high school, living under her parent’s roof and eating their food. She did not have a job and was not independent. Her boyfriend was in high school too and he would not be able to support his child. So she did an abortion and it seemed right for her. She did not want her parents to raise this child. If she was going to be a mother, she wanted all the responsibilities. But that would not be happening; she was a child herself.
In my opinion she did the right thing by choosing to do an abortion. She did what was the best for her and for her baby. If I were in her position I would done the same thing. Of course, it would be very hard to do that but there was no other choice unless, the boyfriend is older and more responsible. If my boyfriend is working full time and loves kids and me, I would not see the point of having an abortion. That way I would know that my child would have support and the things that he or she needs. If I would know that the child will be treated well and would have food on the table, I would never have an abortion.
Abortion should not be illegal. Abortion is a personal decision and no one can make that decision for another person. As I wrote in the paper, there are many reasons why a woman should have a right to have an abortion. My friend made a difficult decision and decided to have an abortion, just to protect herself, because only she is responsible for what happens to her body, and because the abortion affected her life in a negative way, and she worried about the bad future she might have given that unborn baby.

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