Battle of the sexes

“A fabulously fresh and totally entertaining battle of the sexes.” – said Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV. After watching the movie “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days” you will realize that it was an incredibly funny story of a two totally different people. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey star in this romantic comedy. Love can happen even when two people meet under strange and crazy circumstances. “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”, is an enjoyable romantic comedy that incorporates the twwist of two secret bets, funny and outrageous situations, and a surprising ending.

The setting of this movie takes place in New York City, the city of dreams and love. This romantic comedy is based on bets that the title characters make. Andie Anderson (Hudson) writes the “How To.” column for Composure Magazine. She tries to get her friend out of trouble and decides to write a story on how to get a guy and make him run away in teen days. At the same time Benjamin Barry (McConaughey) makes a bet that he can make a women fall in love with him in ten days. And of course, he has to make Andie fall in love with him. At fi

irst everything goes just perfect for both of them. After a couple days it’s Andie’s turn to be a girl that any guy would dump. Andie decided to go to extreme measures to make sure the guy will dump her. Since Benjamin wants to win the bet he does not give up on Andie easily. There are a lot of funny episodes in this movie that just makes the viewer laugh out loud.

Andie is trying desperately to have Benjamin break up with her and this leads to many funny and outrageous situations. One of the funny episodes was when Andie came in to Benjamin’s job and brought her little dog and a shirt for him. She made Benjamin put thhe shirt on in front of his co-workers and the dog peed on the pool table. When Andie saw the dog peeing on the pool table, all she said was: “The little dog is not potty trained yet.” The co-workers made lame excuses and just left them alone.

The best part of this romantic comedy is the ending. Andie finds out why Benjamin is trying to keep her by his side and gets mad. She turns in the story and de
ecides to leave the New York City and go somewhere else. She wants to write about politics not about the things that she is writing about right now. Benjamin reads the story and tries to find Andie and tell her his true feelings about her. Benjamin gets on his motorcycle and drives to the airport looking in every single taxi. Finally he sees Andie and makes her stop the taxi in the middle of the bridge. Benjamin tells her about his feelings and gives some cash to taxi driver. The taxi driver has to take Andie’s luggage back to her apartment and the lovely couple leaves on a motorcycle.

This entertaining battle of sexes takes you through a journey of romance and comedy. Two strange people are trying to do their job. Andie Anderson (Hudson) agrees to write a story about what it takes to drive a man away in ten days. Benjamin Barry (McConaughey) accepts a bet that he can make any women fall in love with him, also in ten days. Romance and comedy leads you through out the movie. What is considered romantic and what is comedy? Romantic- dominated by thoughts, feelings, and attitudes characteristic or suitable fo
or romance; Comedy-any of various types of play or film with more or less humorous treatment of characters and situations with happy endings. Basically a romantic comedy is a film about romance and humorous situations. There is a basic formula to romantic comedies; boy and girl meet cute, like they did in the bar, boy and girl break up and then boy and girl get back together. “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days” is a movie with both romance and comedy in it. The main characters are experiencing and faking love, trying to do anything to stay with a person or, like Andie, trying to break up with him. Benjamin is doing everything to keep Andie by his side and Andie is trying to make him go away. Many romantic comedies start out with the premise of a secret bet. In this movie, though, both people have a bet that the other does not know about. The humor comes when each of them reacts in a manner, which is not typical behavior for them.

One of the comedic episodes was when Andie took her personal things and placed them in Benjamin’s bathroom. She puts all sorts of personal hygiene products in
n his medicine cabinet and that drive Benjamin crazy.

Critics have enjoyed this movie also. “Delightfully funny and fun all the way.”- Said David Sheehan, CBS-TV. That is true. You will not fall asleep while watching this movie because it’s too funny. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” follows the rules of romantic comedies while adding a secret twist. Andie’s attempts to get rid of Benjamin make the movie a non-stop laugh fest. She is very convincing when she acts like a crazy girlfriend. Benjamin’s facial expressions and exasperation at Andie’s actions are funny and convincing. These two actors deserve praise for their convincing performance and for taking their parts seriously. Good comedy takes a serious attitude and great timing, they had both. The audience is not disappointed with the clever ending because in all romantic comedies the ending should be clever and happy. If you like romance, and if you like comedy don’t miss “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

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