Once wealth, as any other power, gets into the wrong hands, it loses it value and becomes a terrible destructive power demoralizing a society.
A rich state is not the one that acquired abundant wealth but one that able to put it into use and live affluently. There are many countries possessing a great wealth but poor. The most important standard of a wealthy country is it’s wealthy people. All states are paying remuneration for the work and duties performed an nd of course the pay must be fair it means: remuneration equals the value of the work done. But all businessmen agree that it is not as simple as it may seem. Manual work is easy to assess by the quality and quantity of production, but how to evaluate the performance of more complex responsibilities?
Under a totalitarian regime property was separated from the society, it created but could not dispose of it. The Soviet period had a damaging effect on n our mentality. Within a short period of time mad and demonic desire to make easy money was aroused, witch demoralized a great part of society. Love for homeland turned into a poorly disguised greed to lay hands on it’s we

ealth. Developed stratums of workers and owners witch were equal to slaves and masters. Each profession is interchangeable and has it’s own value but our state doesn’t really cared about it. So a lot of specialists from different fields switched to politics and business. Rejecting their occupation, they improved their financial situation and those who stayed loyal – became hostages.

Society creates a state not because it needs something to pay taxes to, but to make it serve it’s interests. For e.g. in GB people become civil servants not to be rich but because serving the public is honorable and prestigious but in Lithuania everything is different. By bribing officials, the state attracts to power individuals of a different cast some of th hem are quite colorful, like Shustauskas. A businessmen and workers also work not for honour, recognition, justice or any ideal goals, but for earnings. They are looking forward to a more rational tax policy, soft credits, and protection from smuggled foreign goods. They seek for collaboration with state because businessmen’s earnings are producing wealth witch directly enriches the state. No one could imagine a rich democratic state without rich businessmen.

Where there is no honest business adventurers flock together, mafia gains fo
orce and the state is demoralized. Authorities blame businessmen for cheating, double-book keeping and deceiving the state while businessmen in their turn accuse authorities of racketeering and creating conditions impossible for honest business. A vicious circle is formed. It turns out, that the two parts are both birds of a feather.
Final conclusion we can make is: “Who came for wealth, wealth does he make. Who is attracted by honour, cannot easily be tempted with money “ .

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