Friends are one of life’s treasures. Having people in our lives with whom we feel comfortable and who make our life more enjoyable. Having people that we love and who love us in return enriches our lives beyond measure. We make friends by getting out in the world, meeting new people, getting to know them over time, sharing interests and experiences.
Firstly, the true friend should be honest and trustworthy. Without these characteristics you cannot have a good relationship with anyone. Whhat is more, both partners in friendship should have these qualities. A proper friendship is based on equality.

Secondly, I believe that it is important to share similar interests with your friend. It would be very difficult to keep a friendship going if two people have nothing in common. But sometimes you may find that friend doesn’t agree with you about something or disappoints you in a situation like forgetting something to do that you asked for but it doesn’t mean thhat your friendship should be over because there are more difficult things and situations in life than those.

Thirdly, an ideal friend is one who you can trust when you are in trouble. Friendship is not only about having a good ti

ime, but being able to give or ask for support whenever it is needed. Some of the closest friendships have developed under very difficult circumstances.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it doesn’t mater what kind of relation you have, a relation with family or friends, it is hard to built good and strong relationship with anyone, because it needs a lot of time and exertion, but you can break it all in one minute. So what I wanted to say is that we have to treasure our relations with people, especially with family and friends.

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