Relationship and communication



The relationship is based on communication. Without the communication we can’t have any relationship. When we communicate, we pass on information, ideas or feelings to others. We communicate in many different ways, by using words, sounds, movement and pictures. We can communicate without even saying word. A smile can mean, “I like you”, a frown1 can mean, “I feel worried”. We often use machines to communicate. The radio brings words and music into our homes. Radios pick up sound waves sent from a radio station. The television brings sounds and pictures from around the world into our homes. We can talk to people all over the world on the telephone. A fax machine copies writing and pictures, and sends them to a fax machine in another town or country. Computers are the most powerful form of communication. Messages and pictures can be sent rapidly from one computer to another, thousands of kilometers away by e-mail or chatting2. I do chatter on computer with my two bigger kids (who left in Lithuania) – every day… I DO LIKE THE CHATTERING ROOM A LOT! -Because I feel like I’m really talking to them & that’s make’s me HAPPY! Thanks for the new technologies that came to our lives recently3 and brought to mach joy and happiness to each and every one of us! 1. Frown – antakių suraukimas; suraukti antakius.2. Chatter – plepėjimas.3. Recent – nesenas, dabartinis.