Pros and cons of being a child

Pros and cons of being a child

There are many pros and cons of being a child. There are many things that only adults and many things that only kids do. Each has different pros and cons.

I think that there’s no boss for adults. They can do what do they want and go where they want. They also have much great stuff like cars, mobile phones. Childs have “bosses”. Parents are “bosses” of child. They tell kids what to do an nd what don’t to do. They give commands for kids. If you don’t listen parents they will get angry. But parents have to pay taxes, go to work, watch for kids and do another adults privileges. Kids don’t have to do that, but they have to go to school, do homework, listen parents. A worst thing of being child is going to school. You have to do homework, write English compositions and do another schoolboys things. You must do all th he things, or else. Adults also have to go to work and work hard there, or they get fired.

I like being a child, cause there’s lots of fun. I watch TV, play computer and listen to music. I also play in

n yard and go to cinema. Many people don’t punish me cause I’m a child. If I am adult, they will punish me. I also don’t have go to work to get money. Being adult isn’t so grate. I think it’s quite boring. Adults don’t have so much fun, like kids have.

So there are many pros and cons of being child and many pros and cons of being adult.

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