Good morning. Thank u for coming. Before I start I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Valerija and I’m the Public Relations Manager of “Pieno zvaigzdes” company. I’m here today to talk about our products. I’m going to look at three main areas. First, I’ll go through the general details of our company, then I’ll speak about our production and lastly, I’ll talk about sales. My presentation will take around 5-10 minutes. First of all, I’d like to look at the general details. Our company was opened in 1992. The first product, which yielded to our company a profit, was milk. Then we began to produce other products. And nowadays our products take a high post in the international market. It means that we export a lot of our production to other countries. Except for it our products not once received awards: since 1995 our production received medals in the “Agrobalt” exhibition. Now let’s move to another point. Producing our products, we adhere to old traditional recipes, which our ancestors were using. Our products don’t contain chemical substances. They are made from the milk of the premium, therefore our production differs high quality. The modern technologies keep all milk’s properties for a long time. And, of course, all our production is rich for vitamins A, B, C, D and others. Among our product u can find a set of various grades of cheese and sweetened cottage cheese, milk, yoghurts, butter and more other products. The products, which our company is producing, are very demanding among the consumers. The rigid competition forces us to let out new kinds of production every year and to apply the new kinds of packing promoting longer storage of our production. That’s all about second part of my presentation. And let’s move to the last one.

As u can see from the bar chart the quantity of sold production from year to year was various. In 1992-1994 our sales where 90000. Then it has fallen, but in 1996-1998 it rose rapidly and it stood on the 140000 mark. Suddenly in following two years it was decreasing dramatically till 50000. And now it stopped one the 100000 mark. In conclusion, let me go through the main points again. First, I talked about general details, secondly, I spoke about our products and lastly, I described our product sales. Well, I think that’s everything. Let me finish by thanking u for your attention. If you have any question I’ll answer them with pleasure.