pocket money

Most people have come to accept that teenagers should be given pocket money so as to cover their everyday expenses. However, the drawbacks of being given pocket money must be taken into consideration an especially the fact that pocket money spoils teenagers.
Firstly, teenagers who get pocket money out on an important part of growing up. That is, they are discouraged from finding a part-time job, which would make them more mature and responsible. Also, they tend to remain dependent on thheir parents for too long which may cause problem in the future. Teenagers may find it hard adjusting to an independent way of life when they get older.
In addition, teenagers who get pocket money tend to be spoilt. They take it for granted that they will always be given this money and as result, take advantage of their parents. Another point is that they don’t learn to value money because they haven’t worked for it.
Contrary to above, many people claim thhat by being given pocket money, teenagers get a feeling of independence and maturity. It gives them personal satisfaction when spending money they have saved up, and therefore teaches them to appreciate the value of money.
In conclusion, I think that gi

iving teenagers pocket money does more harm than good. Teenagers need to learn to stand on their own two feet and not depend on their parents for money. This approach will allow the teenager to become a mature and responsible adult.

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